Funimation is the best subbed and dubbed anime streaming platform for the anime obsession. And its Funimation Now apps have added a download function, enabling users to save anime episodes on its library for offline playback.

Funimation APP | Can I download videos to view when my device is offline?


You may also download many of the videos that are viewable without advertisements to your iOS, Android mobile, or tablet device if you're a Premium Plus or Premium Plus Ultra member.
You can download a video that can be downloaded by redeeming the Digital Copy code to stream if you have a free Funimation account or a subscriber account.
Not all videos are available for download.

Can I transfer my downloads to another device?

NO, if you want to transfer your downloads to another device, see the ways below.

Why can’t I download videos from the Funimation App?

App offers the Download-to-Go function, which only works on Lollipop devices at least iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0.
You will have to update or upgrade your gadget if the device runs on an earlier operating system.
Please check your Funimation account when your device runs a compatible operating system, and you still don't see any downloading features. Only subscribers and logged-in users who have redeemed a Funimation Digital Copy code will download videos from the mobile apps.

How long can I keep a video on my device?

However, to see the video, the Funimation app must be executed when your device is online for at least seven days, and your account must have been authorized to access the video at that time.

What quality will my Watch Offline download be in? Can I choose the quality of my download?

Yes. To choose the quality of downloaded videos:
1. Open the menu
2. Tap on Settings.
3. Tap on Video Quality.
4. Set the quality to what you would like the downloaded video to be in. If this is set to "Auto", it will be the highest quality that can be downloaded depending on the speed of the device's internet connection.

Is there a limit to the number of videos that may be stored on my device at one time?

You may have up to 13 wholly downloaded videos on your device at a time. If you download an episode in English and the same episode in Japanese, that counts as two videos.

How many videos can I download at once?

One, but you can queue up to 13 videos.

Use Chrome extensions to download Funimation anime

Video Downloader Plus is a fast and easy way to download videos from a website. You can save online videos from your favorite websites with this Video Downloader.
The extension is straightforward to use. It is easy to utilize the addon.
Click on the extension icon just in your Chrome browser, and you start downloading the video to your PC within seconds.
Extension to the chrome browser is quick and easy to add.

To use Video Downloader Plus, you need:

- The latest version of chrome

Don't know How to use a chrome extension?

Check this URL:

Online DownloadFunimation using your browser

Maybe you can download Funimation just by your browser online!


Video Grabber is a web application available for download from several websites, including Funimation.
All you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download from Funimation and put it in the download box for Video Grabber.
Afterward, click on the icon Download.
You may download your videos to MP4.
You may also utilize the screen capture function to play the Funimation video and capture it as it plays when Video Grabber cannot download the file.
It's better than nothing but less than ideal.

Download Software to easily download from Funimation on PC

Using download software to download from Funimation can be the most stable way.

1. Y2mate Downloader


You can film from HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next, and YouTube, plus more than 1000 offline websites. Y2mate Downloader is a one-stop solution.

2. FreeGrabApp


FreeGrabApp Netflix downloader is also an excellent way to go with Netflix download offline solution. If you are looking for stable software besides Y2mate, you can also choose FreeGrabApp to download Netflix videos and movies.