Hi everyone,today Iwant to show you my favorite top five best free screen recorders.


To make this list, the app has to be completely free. Also it should place no water marks on your video. There's no recording limit and you can output at the best possible quality level.

Alright let's jump on the PCand let's check out these free screen recorders. Furthermore, you could also edit the video with a good video eiditor after you recorded the videos, here are top 19 video editors we've selected for beginners, intermediates as well as professionals.

1Xbox Game Bar

The first free app that we are going to look at today is one that you've probably never heard of before, but surprisingly you probably already have it pre-installed on your computer. How can that be? Well if you're on windows 10 let's go down to our task bar.


And then type in game bar. This brings up the xbox game bar and you can use this to record your screen. And you might be thinking it's called game bar.Does that mean it can only record games? Yeah it does a great job recording games but you can use it to record other things like say a browser window, maybe a word document.Whatever you want to record, this can do the job. Let's click on the xbox game bar. An alternative way to launch it, you can also press the windows key on your keyboard together with the Gkey, Gas in game.


Within the Xbox Game Bar, in the top left hand corner you'll see a widget called capture, the third icon over here. When you click on this, it starts your recording to the right of that. You can toggle your microphone on and off down below. You have a mixer where you can set the different audio levels for say your system sound or for the microphone.


Up above on the main bar there's a settings gear and when you click on this you can configure these shortcut keys to whatever you would like.


Right here you also see the defaults to kick off a recording. Let's click on this icon.


And now my recording is live so i'm recording this website with the kevin cookie company. If you've never had these cookies before, they are the most delicious cookies over. On the right hand side i can see the status of my recording. Ican click on stop once I'm all done. Once Iclick on stop, Isee a confirmation that the clip has beenrecorded, and I can click on that to open up file explorer where Ican now play myrecording.


To configure settings related to the game bar, I can go down to my taskbar and then search for game bar settings. This opens up an option for game bar shortcuts.



Let's click on that here, once again Ican configure all of the different shortcuts for the xbox game bar. And right beneath that on the left hand side there's an option for captures. Here Ican configure all sorts of things like the recording length the audio quality, the video frames per second and also the video quality. icould even decide whether i want to capture the mouse cursor as well. This screen recorder sounds perfect.It comes for free. It's pre-installed. Why would you ever have to download a screen recorder.


Drawbacks of Xbox Game Bar

Well there are a few minor drawbacks. If i press windows + Ghere on my desktop well i can't record my desktop. Ialso can't record file explorer.

And if you open up any applications like say word excel or powerpoint, and you try to record a menu it won't be able to record those properly.Also once you finish your recording it doesn't include any type of built-in editor and there's no cursor highlighter. So here you see this blue circle around my mouse the Xbox Game Bar won't do that type of treatment on your mouse cursor. All in all though if you're in a pinch, it's a great screen recorder because it comes pre-installed. You don't have to go out of your way to get it so that's one reason it made my list of one of the top five best freescreen recorders.

2 ZoomRecorder


Number two best free screen recorder is zoom. Wait i thought zoom was a video conferencing solution and yes it is. But you can also use it for screen recording and it does a very nice job.It has a lot of nice tools like annotations that you can use in your recording. To get zoom, head to the website zoom.us and you can download it for free. Once you've finished downloading and installing zoom, go ahead and launch the application. Within zoom let's click into new meeting. You might be thinking well hold up i'm not meeting with anyone, Isimply want to record my screen. Don't worry you don't have to meet with anyone to record your screen. This now launches a meeting on zoom at the bottom. We have the option to share our screen and we could kick off our recording. I'm going to click on record and here you could pause the recording or you could stop the recording once you're done. But we also want to share our screen so i'll click on share screen. This opens up the shared dialog and Ican now select what i want to share. Icould share my entire screen or i could share a specific window.


I'll share the entire screen and then click on share, i'm now sharing my entire screen and this is all being recorded. If Ihover over Iget this toolbar on top and this will not be included in the recording. Icould turn on my video so Ican show my video alongside this recording over on the right hand side. Ialso have access to all of these different annotation tools here. For example Ican draw on my screen.Ican even insert stamps on my screen so all these different annotation tools Ican use these with my recording. Once I'm all done recording my screen, Ican go up to this top bar over here and then click on more, and Ican now stop the recording. This has now effectively recorded my screen and Idid it all for free using zoom.


Drawbacks ofZoom Recorder

Using zoom is a great option but there are a few downsides. For example you have no control over the recording quality. Also Ican't specify just to record a certain area of the screen. Insteadyou could either record the entire desktop or a specific window so Ican't get super granular on the record area. Also there's no cursor highlighting option. But all in all, it's a free tool and it works fairly well and Ilove the addition of theannotation tools.

3FlashBack Express


Number three for the best free screen recorders is FlashBack Express. There's a pro version and there's a free version, but it turns out that the free version gives you most of what you need in fact. The only thing you don't get with the free version is the ability to edit your videos. However if you already have a video editor, well then the express version will be just fine for you. You can access this at flashbackrecorder.com forward slash express once again.


Once you finish installing FlashBack Express, go ahead and launch the application. The one thing Ireally like about this app is it has a very easy to use and intuitive interface. Right here on the main screen you can define the area of your screen that you want to record. Icould record the entire screen, just a region of my screen, or even just a window. Down below Ican also select whether Iwant to record via my microphone or if i want to also include system sound. And Icould set the levels,what's really nice.

Down at the bottom Ican also include my webcam. Ican include this webcam as part of my recording, and Ican even say whether Iwant to show the webcam window while i'm recording. So let's say you're doing a reaction video you probably want to see how you're reacting along with the webcam. Ican also set a timer for when a recording starts and when it finishes.

Let's take a moment to see what types of settings we have. Within settings let's click on desktop and this is one of the settings that Ireally like to help tidy up our screen recording. You can set it to set a plain desktop background so this way my background won't appear. Icould also have it hide my desktop icons. Ionly have two icons, but sometimes you see recordings where someone might have 40 or 50 icons, and it feels a little overwhelming. You could simply click on this button and it'll hide them. You could also set it to hide your taskbar. It's just another way to help clean up your screen recording. Down below Ican also click into hotkeys and here Ican customize a shortcut key that Icould use to start recording,and then to stop recording.

Back on the main screen let's now click on record and test this. Out here Iget a screen telling me to get ready and Ihave a nice little countdown. Now my screen recording is active and Icould use this to control the recording or Ican minimize this and rely on shortcut keys. So now i'm recording and let's now stop the recording once Istop the recording it tells me i've made a recording and Ican now play it.


This opens up a player where Ican preview my recording and here you see it adds a yellow highlight around my mouse. Also when Iclick on the mouse it shows where i'm clicking so the mouse highlighting is very nice. Also if Isay just want to save a certain portion of my screen recording, Ican use this red area to indicate the portion of the recording that Iwant to keep. Once i've selected the area Ican then click on export.Here Ican export as an mp4, an avi or a windows media file.


Including this player is a little bit overkill with the free version. All you could do is preview your video and then export it.And you could trim the beginning and the end. It's primarily used as an upsell for the pro version. However given that it's free and you get a fully functional screen recorder this is still a pretty good deal.


Drawbacks of FlashBack Express

Now overall flashback express is a pretty good screen recorder and it has a very intuitive interface. Are there any downsides?Well at least from my playing around with this app, it felt a little bit laggy compared to some of the other offerings. And also it is a premium product so you will see upsells throughout the experience to get you to go premium. But all in all the functionality is pretty solid and this is yet another good option for a free screen recorder.

4Powersoft's Free Online Screen Recorder


Best free screen recorder number four is a Powersoft's Free Online Screen Recorder. All you need to do is navigate to this website and then click on start recording.


This opens up the interface and it is extremely clean and performant. Right here Ihave a large record button. When i click on this, this will kick off my recording.

Before we do that though let's take a look at some of the capabilities. Over to the right of that i can do a full screen recording or i could select a region of my screen. Here Icould draw a rectangle around an area of the screen that iwant to record. Icould also click on this drop down and Icould set certain dimensions. So let's say Iwant to do 1920 by 1080, Ican simply select it there to the right of that. Ican also configure my system and my mic, so Icould define what audio source i want to use.

Also another nice feature, to the right of that Ican include a webcam in my recording.Let's click on that and here once again you can see me over in the bottom right hand corner. Ican click on my webcam and i can move that wherever Iwant on the screen.

Over on the right hand side Ihave more options. Let's see what else we can dowithin settings. One of the things that Ireally like, over on the right hand side you can choose your mouse styles. When i click on this Ican set it to animate my mouse buttons,my mouse clicks and also show a hot spot around my mouse so this makes it easier for people to follow along as you're demoing something. You also have full control over the audio quality and also the video quality so it's fairly feature rich for such a simple.


Looking app the recording is now in progress and Isee this bar here that indicates how long the recording has been going on for now. One of the neat features in the screen recorder, if i click on this annotation tool this opens up a whole bunch of different annotation tools that Ican use to annotate my screen check this out this is a pretty nice addition for this tool.


Once i'm all done with my recording i'll click on stop here. Now Ican see my recording and Ican save it to my computer as a video file or i could even upload it to the cloud.


Drawbacks of Powersoft's Free Online Screen Recorder

Now this seems like a fantastic tool. Are there any drawbacks? Well the one thing is it's very good for recording your desktop or different applications but it's not going to be a go-to screen recorder for gaming.

5 OBSScreen Recorder


This now brings us to number five for the best free screen recorder, and this is also my favorite one out of the bunch. And this is the one that Ipersonally use for recording all of the videos on my channel. It's called OBS.It stands for open broadcaster software. It's free. It's open source and you can install it on any platform including windows, mac,and also linux.


The great thing about OBSis you have full control over your recording.Here if Iclick on file and Igo into settings.Ican configure all of the details of my recording and all of the different quality levels, so Ican ensure that my recording is the best possible quality.

Along with recording my desktop Ican also choose to include my webcam and Ican position this wherever Iwant.Icould also just record certain areas of the screen. Here Icould crop my screen so maybe i just want to record the top corner Ican do that along with being able to compose my scene.

Here Ican start recording and here Ihave the ability to pause the recording and then Ican also resume the recording. Once i'm all done,I'll simply click on stop recording over here. Ican add all sorts of different sources to my scene and Ialso have an audio mixer where Ican set all the different levels on my microphone or on the system sound similar to the other apps.

If i go into settings ican also set shortcut keys for pretty much. Anything Icould set shortcut keys to start the recording, to stop the recording, to pause the recording, so Ihave full control. What's also nice about OBSis it's extremely performant. Whenever Irecord, the app is very snappy and the recordings come out looking so crisp.

Drawbacks of OBS Screen Recorder

Now it sounds great. Are there any downsides? Well compared to some of the other apps, OBSis a little bit more intimidating. There are lots of different controls, you definitely have to sit down and put a little bit of time into learning it. Another downside it doesn't have any mouse highlighting or annotation tools. You have to use other third-party apps for those capabilities. Also there's no editing in OBS.It'll simply help you capture your screen or capture your video and then you have to use another video editor to edit. And that's fine Ihave my own workflow where Iuse another editor and OBSis purely my capture tool.

6 Conclusion

Alright well that was a quick look at my favorite top 5 best free screen recorders. Ihope you enjoyed and hope to see you next time bye. By the way, if you are searching for hulu downloader or amazon prime video downloader, please check.